Interdisciplinary Science of Consumption 2015

Full Program

Third Biennial Meeting: The Evolution Edition

April 17-18 2015
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI USA

Theme Overview: Consumption is necessary for survival but also produces negative consequences for human health, society, and the environment. Research across domains (addiction, obesity, debt, consumer behavior, material waste, hoarding) finds overlapping biological and psychological bases for consumption-related phenomena, suggesting the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach. The meeting this year focuses on research at the nexus of consumption and evolution, with presentations from leading researchers across fields and ample discussion time to foster communication and collaboration.

Registration: The free registration period has ended but we will accept walk-ins on Saturday with a $30 fee (short code, cash or check to UM).


Friday April 17th, 2015

Public Evening Lecture by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Bestselling Author of “Flow

(4448 East Hall, no registration required)
5:00-5:30 PM Refreshments, Welcome, Introductions: Stephanie Preston
5:30-6:30 PM Plenary Lecture: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate UniversityCuriosity and enjoyment as moderating factors in socio-cultural evolution
7:00 PM Speaker Dinner at Glass House Café in Palmer Commons

Saturday April 18th, 2015

Full Day Meeting (for registered participants, in 4448 East Hall)

8:00-8:30 AM Continental breakfast
8:30-8:45 AM Welcome, Overview
8:45-9:30 AM Jeffry Simpson (Minnesota) The effect of early life experiences on risk-taking and impulse control in adulthood
9:30-9:45 AM Student Data Blitz: Weiwen Leung
10:00-10:45 AM Kristina Durante (UT San Antonio) Mating, parenting, and consumer choice: An evolutionary approach to consumer research
10:45-11:00 AM Student Data Blitz: Precious Smith
11:00-11:15 AM Coffee Break
11:15-12:00 AM Lucia Jacobs (UC Berkeley)How olfaction and cognition shaped the evolution of the vertebrate brain
12:00-12:15 AM Student Data Blitz: Erica Schulte
12:15-12:35 PM Morning Discussion
12:35-1:35 PM Lunch Break 3rd Floor Terrace in East Hall
1:40-2:25 PM Martin Daly (Missouri)Economic inequality and lethal violence
2:25-2:40 PM Student Data Blitz: Daniel Porter
2:40-3:25 PM Daniel Kruger (UM, School of Public Health) Consumption is sexy: Consumer behavior understood through evolutionary life history theory
3:25-3:40 PM Coffee Break
3:45-4:30 PM Joshua Ackerman (UM, Psychology)How the threat of infectious disease influences consumption
4:30-5:00 PM Afternoon Discussion
5:00-5:10 PMStudent Prize
5:30- Celebratory Consumption Pizza House

See you there!

Buy The Book!: Our first two meetings culminated in the publication of a new volume with the MIT Press edited by Stephanie Preston, Morten Kringelbach, and Brian Knutson. Get your own copy here.

Consortium Goals: We aim to improve the scientific understanding of human consumption through a thoughtful integration of relevant research across fields and levels of analysis, including economics, marketing, neuroscience, judgment and decision making, social psychology, and sustainability science.

(If you cannot attend the meeting, you can still email to join our consortium. Members will be listed on our website, will have access to resources, and can help plan and participate in future events and publications.)

This conference was funded by The Evolution and Human Adaptation Program (EHAP) at the University of Michigan.